Rickshaw is a shop on two areas located in the covered "passage du Grand Cerf" in the second district, which offers a unique collection of unusual objects and furniture from India.

Many items are vintage, and here you will not find any false or counterfeit object, which is increasingly rare in this market in Asia.

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Credit cards accepted Handicapped accessible French, English French, English

Address:  7 passage du grand cerf - 75002
Stations:  Etienne-Marcel

Opening hours From Monday to Saturday from 11.30am to 7.30pm.
Phone number:  +33 (0) 142 214 103
Website:  www.rickshaw.fr

Available for  Men, Women, Kids
Consignment Shop:  No

Pricing:  €€
What's in there:  A large choice of Indian decoration objects and Indian furniture, from the end of the 19th century to the 20th century. You could find in the shop, 7 passage du grand Cerf, advertising boards from the 40s from 6€ to 25€, lots of oil lamps, lamps boat made of copper at 35€, mirror from 30€ to 80€, photo frames, lots of small statuettes, door handles at 5€, iron hooks 10€ for 3 . The other shop, 10 passage du grand cerf, is more specialised in furnitures. You could find for example school desk at 140€, commodes at 140€ or a beautiful metal table in a limited edition at 150€.
Founded in:  2000

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